Friday, July 6, 2007

Digg, Yahoo and Others Experiencing Unusual Problems Today

More stories are surfacing regarding Yahoo problems, but there is still no official announcement from Yahoo as far as I know.

I am being informed that major problems are hitting quite a few major websites today. is having various problems and a buzz is definitely starting to form in comments and articles from Diggers. Diggers are claiming many timeout sessions, votes not updating properly, articles not uploading properly and various other annoyances. users have also complained about CNN not performing properly today. CNN has gone through a major upgrade regarding the website design, so these may just be associated with these tweaks.

I'm still waiting for more information regarding these problems, but they are starting to seem more related. Stories regarding trojan problems in Yahoo and MSN, on top of the claims of Digg, CNN, Flickr and other website users experiencing problems are definitely creating a stir today.

If anyone out there is experiencing problems atypical of your usual web surfing experiences, feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

I'm screening all comments, but I will check often and allow relevant replies to be posted.


Anonymous said...

Is working for anybody? It has not worked for me in days.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone reach It has not worked for me in days.

Matt said...


Dell is working fine for me. You can always try refreshing your browser, clear history or restarting if it persists. Also, make sure your link isn't starting with https rather than http. If it won't work, try a few other TLDs, such as, and possibly trying links from searches. I haven't heard anything about them being down and they look fine now. Let me know if you still have problems.

I may turn off anonymous posting soon. Would you have posted had it not been anonymous? I'm just curious. Thanks

JARED said...

Yah, Digg votes have been taking forever to update, particularly if coming from someone listed as one your "friends."

Matt said...


Quite a few people are still having problems with Digg from what I've been reading. I read a few comments regarding problems around friends' votes counting correctly, but I haven't experienced yet. Thanks for letting me. Take care.